Chapter 1: Introduction: The New Era of Digital Entertainment and Its Integration with AI

With technological advances, digital entertainment has become an important part of modern life, especially in gaming and interactive entertainment. The development in these areas is not limited to more sophisticated graphics and complex gaming mechanisms, but also includes an in-depth exploration of player experiences, particularly regarding character design and storytelling. However, despite significant progress in game graphics and plotlines, the interactivity and intelligence of non-player characters (NPCs) in games has lagged behind relatively. These NPCs typically follow limited preset scripts and actions, and their reactions often seem monotonous and repetitive when facing complex or unexpected player behaviors, unable to provide a truly engaging interactive experience.Against this background, MomoAI, leveraging its breakthroughs in AI technology, especially innovations in AI agents, is leading a revolution in the game and interactive entertainment industry. MomoAI is not only providing more intelligent and responsive virtual characters, but also exploring how to imbue these characters with true "life", enabling them to interact with players in a more natural and authentic way, and play more profound roles in the virtual world.

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