Chapter 3: The AI Revolution in the Digital Interactive Entertainment Industry

Beyond major advances in the gaming industry, MomoAI has expanded its vision to the entire digital interactive entertainment industry, exploring the application potential of AI agents in broader areas. AI technology has shown unique value in various domains including social, investment, education, metaverse, and more.In the social sphere, MomoAI AI agents can establish profound emotional connections with users, providing an immersive communication experience. These digital characters with distinctive personalities not only enliven social dynamics but also provide innovative solutions for addressing scarce human social resources.For investment, the smart digital assistants developed by MomoAI can provide personalized asset management and investment advice. They can also obtain real-time information and make trading decisions on the user's behalf, thereby realizing true intelligent asset management.In education, MomoAI AI agents serve as digital tutors that not only provide customized learning paths and situational teaching but also deliver attentive real-time teaching feedback to students, significantly improving learning efficiency and experience.In metaverse applications, MomoAI technology enables users to interact with digital characters as peers, providing a unique preview experience of a digitally-native world, with persistent digital identities that facilitate coherent and profound immersion as users traverse virtual worlds.

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