Chapter 4: Actual Case Demonstrating Technological Advantages and Industry Leadership: Coooin

MomoAI's technological strengths are not limited to theory and lab environments but have been validated and embodied in actual projects. Take Coooin for example, this project utilizes MomoAI AI to construct a crypto investment community centered around AI agents.Coooin leverages large language models (LLMs) and multiple independent AI agents to analyze and trade in a simulated crypto market. The performance of these AI agents is continuously optimized through ongoing testing and selection, while human investors can interact with them by competing and contributing to the community.Key highlights of the project include an innovative AI agent crypto investment ecosystem, product testing engaging diverse participants, human-AI competitive investment contests, and a community built around shared interests. These characteristics demonstrate not only the depth and breadth of MomoAI’s AI technology, but also its vision to facilitate human-AI co-creation and mutual prosperity.The success of Coooin proves not only the practicality and innovation of MomoAI technology, but also shows its vital role in advancing digital interactive entertainment industry growth. This case vividly reflects MomoAI’s accumulated technologies and industry leadership status, while also predicting future trends in digital entertainment.

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