Chapter 5: Combining Blockchain Technology with AI Agents

In MomoAI’s innovative journey, blockchain technology plays a key role in enhancing AI agent agency. By integrating Web3 technologies, MomoAI has empowered AI agents with unprecedented intelligence and digital sovereignty, enabling them to become real participants in gaming and interactive entertainment.This combination means characters in digital products are no longer merely mission props. They possess intelligence, assets, and can even influence product or storyline progression and development. These AI agents have personalized behaviors and reactions, as well as ownership of assets and properties, thereby introducing unpredictable new elements and possibilities for development into the digital world.Utilizing Web3 technologies, MomoAI enables AI agents to have capabilities for self-governance and autonomous transactions in the digital world, thus creating a more authentic and dynamic ecosystem in the virtual world. This technology has not only expanded the boundaries of digital entertainment, but also provided users with a completely new interactive experience.

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