AI as a Core Force in Digital Entertainment

Driven by technological advances, the digital entertainment industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation and growth. In particular, the rapid progress of AI technology will be a primary catalyst for this change. Unlike the intricate neural network structure of the human brain, AI systems are built on more robust computing foundations, iterating at an exponential pace to continually enhance their intelligence. In recent years, breakthrough advances have been made in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and more. Experts predict AI capabilities will reach and surpass human intelligence in the not-too-distant future. When AI reaches such heights, it will become the dominant force in the digital world, providing humans with novel digital lifestyles through automatically generated content, predicted user needs, intelligent interactions, and more. This may include highly immersive social experiences, abundant entertainment content, and intelligent assistants supporting human decision-making. The richness of these digital experiences will likely far surpass our current imagination. Meanwhile, self-aware and creative AI will emerge as new silicon-based lifeforms, coexisting with humans. Blockchain technology will provide trusted means for value exchange and organizational collaboration in this digital society. This human-machine civilization may become a new developmental stage for human civilization. Facing such revolutionary changes, proactively embracing AI and strategically positioning for it has become imperative for industry growth. This impacts not just the success or failure of individual companies, but humanity's ability to steer the digital future. Many leading entertainment companies recognize this trend and are heavily investing in AI. This has become a major strategic choice for contemporary business development. As an important player in digital entertainment, MomoAI has also made the decision to fully embrace AI after extensive consideration and exploration. This stems not just from business survival needs, but also proactive response to industry changes and a sense of responsibility towards the digital future. We firmly believe MomoAI can accelerate the digital entertainment industry into a more vibrant new era through technical and product innovation.

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