Digital Entertainment, An Innovative Journey Towards Change

As an ever-evolving industry, interactive digital entertainment has undergone several important technological transformations and industry innovations, forming a unique developmental trajectory. The early era of personal electronic games pioneered the way for "player interactivity," with classic titles like Super Mario and Contra driving innovations in gameplay interaction. The rise of the internet connected dispersed gamers, enabling large-scale online multiplayer gaming. From early MUD text games to landmark titles like World of Warcraft, the interactivity of online games continued to improve. The development of mobile network technology spurred the thriving rise of mobile gaming, making entertainment interactions more personalized and convenient. Smartphones also led to a proliferation of casual entertainment apps. In recent years, emerging VR/AR technologies have further expanded the possibilities for human-computer interaction. Currently, the digital entertainment industry is undergoing an important strategic transformation. The metaverse concept promises a transition of the digital world towards an immersive, hybrid "parallel world." Meanwhile, continual advances in AI technology provide new potential for personalized content generation and intelligent interaction. Therefore, utilizing AI to empower content and communities has become a key developmental direction for the digital entertainment industry. As a participant in digital entertainment, MomoAI has engaged in continual exploration of product design and foundational technology innovation since our founding in 2017, accumulating rich experience. Through hands-on technical training, MomoAI has gained valuable lessons and insights, as well as contemplating future directions for the development of digital entertainment. Of course, many challenges remain for industry growth, including content moderation, business models, and user acquisition. But the industry possesses sustained momentum for technical innovation and immense room for imagination. We have reason to believe a new era of diversified, personalized digital entertainment is coming our way.

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