Our Accumulated Strength Towards the Digital Future

The MomoAI team has spent years accumulating technical R&D in digital entertainment content, continually exploring product and technology innovation. Through direct user-facing product design, we have also gradually gained insight into audience demand for personalized, interactive content. This lays the foundation to realize intelligent upgrades to content and services. MomoAI has gained some industry recognition through technological innovation. Our two-time championship at international hackathons demonstrated our R&D capabilities, establishing our brand influence. Currently, we recognize the innovative opportunities presented by AI technology. It can greatly enhance content personalization and provide users with unprecedented immersive experiences. As such, we are determined to embrace these new technologies and shape the new future of digital entertainment. In accumulating AI technology, we have already begun implementing key building blocks for digital personhood, including multimodal information fusion, continuous memory frameworks, and more. This establishes a foundation to swiftly grasp digital personhood technologies. In the future, we will continue to drive technological breakthroughs and build industry-leading AI capabilities. It can be said MomoAI' accumulations in product, technology, branding, and embrace of innovation provide a solid basis to smoothly upgrade towards AI-driven content. We believe through sustained innovation, we will surely usher in an entirely new chapter of digital entertainment.

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