Productization and Commercialization, Advancing AI Adoption

After making the strategic choice to adopt AI, MomoAI is actively advancing integration of related technologies into products and commercialization. Our first AI-powered digital personhood product, COOOIN, has successfully launched and received positive user feedback. COOOIN utilizes our proprietary AI system to construct multiple virtual currency investor personas that can conduct trading decisions and generate analytics. This becomes our first successful case of commercialization. COOOIN's core lies in diversified trading-style AI agents that continuously iterate and filter through live market simulation to output stable investing strategies. It also possesses capabilities like real-time market data, memory frameworks, social interaction, and more to deliver an interactive investor community. Building on COOOIN, we will continue expanding AI applications in content creation, community management, user growth, and more. Through ongoing technological and product innovation, we strive to create outstanding AI-driven entertainment content and unlock its commercial value. Specifically, we are developing next-gen digital personhood solutions and related commercialization models. Our toolkit will provide configurable and customizable digital personas tailored to client needs. Clients can apply these digital beings to gaming, social platforms, metaverse spaces and more to enhance user experience and business performance. For our business model, we provide AaaS (AI agent as a service) - developing and hosting digital persona characters. Clients simply choose and customize personas based on their needs. Our proprietary AI system handles development, integration and ongoing optimization, while clients directly utilize the end product. We are currently in discussions with multiple prospective clients, and there is vast potential for our digital personhood product line to become an important revenue growth driver. We will also establish ecosystem partnerships to jointly promote AI adoption and commercialization in digital entertainment. The new era of digital entertainment is arriving, with AI as the core force guiding this transformation. When intelligent digital beings permeate virtual spaces, possessing both rationality and sensibility, we will experience interactive experiences like never before. By then, the digital world will become a rebirth of the human spirit. Let us wait in anticipation, and take active steps to explore and embrace this captivating new world.

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