Chapter 2: The Complex Relationship Between AI and Web3 in Theory and Practice

Behind this divergence reflects the complex relationship between AI and Web3 in theoretical and practical terms. In theory, although AI's powerful computing and predictive capabilities seem to coincide with Web3's decentralized ideology and technical architecture, deep integration between the two is not easy. In fact, most projects currently in the market have yet to find the real integration point between AI and Web3, and are more about conceptual rather than profound technical integration. This phenomenon reflects to some extent the gap between the current development and application of AI technology and blockchain-based digital currencies and other Web3 applications. In practice, most attempts at combining AI and Web3 today are still in the preliminary exploration stage. Many projects rely too much on market speculation while lacking substantive technological innovation and application scenarios. This phenomenon weakens the credibility of these projects and causes the market to doubt the long-term value and potential of such integration. In addition, an significant characteristic of the Web3 or cryptocurrency field is the high capital efficiency and speculative atmosphere. This environment can lead to capital hype outpacing technological progress, causing technology-driven trends to eventually detach themselves from the technologies themselves and shift towards hollow financial games. For hardcore tech fields that rely heavily on technological progress like AI, this is extremely detrimental. In summary, although the integration of AI and Web3 is seen as an important future direction, the actual exploration in this field is still in its infancy, facing difficulties in technological fusion and risks of market speculation. This requires the industry to reflect more deeply on the maturity of existing technologies and market realities while pursuing technological innovation, to ensure technological advances are not swayed by short-term market speculation.

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