Chapter 4: Imagining the Digital-Native Society and Coexistence of Silicon-Based Life

It is this kind of exploration and integration that brings us completely new imaginations of the future world. Here, Spielberg's โ€œReady Player Oneโ€ is not only a movie showcasing technological wonders, but more profoundly heralds a whole new lifestyle and social structure. Although the concept of the metaverse may have been over-hyped and consumed in the last wave, its profound implications are still worth our deep thoughts. Driven by AI and Web3 technologies together, an entirely new digitally-native world is brewing, transcending current technical limitations and foreshadowing fundamental transformations of future social structures, human interactions, and more. In this digital-native society, the role of AI will transform from an assistive tool to a core member of society. They will no longer be cold sets of code in programming, but sentient digital life forms with personality and emotion. These AI entities will be natives of the digital world, coexisting and working with humans, artists and community leaders in the virtual world, even entrepreneurs, whose every action and decision is an indispensable part of this new world.

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