Chapter 5: Blockchain Technology Defining the Rules in the Virtual World

Imagine from a tiny flower petal to the boundless sea, from a drop of morning dew to the vast atmosphere, to dazzling stars and expansive galaxies, even to the entire universe we know, everything follows the same set of natural laws. These laws, whether the law of gravity or thermodynamics, together constitute the foundation of our physical world. In this world, every existence, regardless of size, is constrained by the same rules, forming the cosmic order we are familiar with. However, in a world made entirely of digital constructs, these physical laws of nature will not exist. In such an entirely new virtual world, who will define the rules and logic? The answer lies in blockchain technology. In the digital society of the future, blockchain will play a key role in defining how the entire virtual world operates, becoming the basic rule maker of the new world. This is a revolutionary "code is law" system that not only supports value exchange but also constitutes the framework for social interaction and cultural development. In this system, every decision, every transaction, every interaction will be executed based on transparent and tamper-proof blockchain code. This mechanism provides a new, decentralized foundation for order and development in the virtual world.

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