☮️ What is MomoAI?

MomoAI is positioned to drive the development of mobile social web3 gaming as a leader and innovator in this field. We are building a richer, more engaging, and sustainable gaming.

Build for Mobile Social Web3 Gaming

As a core strategy of MomoAI, we focus on innovation and growth in mobile social web3 gaming. We believe deeply exploring and investing in this field can provide more intuitive, interactive gameplay for users while empowering developers with a robust platform to drive innovation and collaboration that advances the gaming industry overall.

Construct a Sustainable Gaming Ecosystem

MomoAI seeks to build a healthy gaming ecosystem by supporting developers through 1P DAO and other tools while ensuring fairness and transparency. Our goal is to foster an environment that continually attracts both players and developers. Our approach centers on creating a more open and connected game world within mobile social web3 gaming.

Streamline Web3 Gaming Access

MomoAI aims to provide web2 gamers a seamless transition experience into web3 gaming. Through innovative user onboarding strategies and user-friendly interfaces tailored to mobile, we enable players to easily enjoy the allure of web3 games.

MOMO: Flagship Product Leading the Change

The launch of MOMO epitomizes our focus on mobile social web3 gaming. It serves not just as a game but also a bridge connecting users to the web3 gaming world. Success not only signifies our innovativeness in this field, but our sustained growth and leadership in the mobile social gaming ecosystem. With these strategies and innovations, MomoAI is becoming a critical platform powering the fusion of traditional gaming and the web3 future, providing momentum for industry transformation and advancement. We are thought leaders and changemakers in mobile social web3 gaming, not just a game publisher.

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