Unique Consensus Mechanism

At MomoAI, we realize that excellent games are defined not just by the developer's design, but by the participation and social momentum of the players. We encourage players to provide sincere feedback through each round of testing, allowing the games to incrementally improve. Quality gaming experiences motivate players to actively spread the word, attracting more new players to join. Developers actively listen to player feedback to jointly foster a positive gaming ecosystem.

This player-centric ethos is exemplified in our flagship product MOMO. MOMO provides rich gameplay while also building bridges for social interaction between players. By participating in MOMO and other games, players can earn $MTOS tokens, while providing actionable suggestions to expand MomoAI to more users. Developers' projects thereby garner greater player support, qualifying for funding from the Play-verse fund, enhancing the value and appeal of game NFTs.

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