What is MOMO?

MOMO is an innovative initiative by MomoAI that aims to provide users with a smooth pathway into the web3 gaming world through an engaging gaming experience. It is not just a game but a key part of MomoAI' strategic roadmap in the web3.

  1. Practical implementation: Airdrop combined with gaming

MOMO is an airdrop campaign by MomoAI prior to its token launch. Through an imaginative mini-game, MOMO merges airdrops with gaming experiences, providing participants an engaging and rewarding interactive platform.

  1. Social web3 game based on Telegram

MOMO is designed specifically for Telegram, leveraging bots and miniapps to allow players to engage directly within Telegram's various clients. Deeply embedded in Telegram's social framework, it provides players with an efficient and seamless social gaming experience, facilitating rapid social diffusion.

  1. Entry-level product for MomoAI ecosystem

MOMO is more than just a game, it is also an important gateway for MomoAI to connect users and kickstart the web3 gaming experience. This marks MomoAI' deeper exploration into the web3 gaming sphere, especially in mobile social web3 gaming. The launch and growth of MOMO holds great significance in accumulating and precipitating MomoAI' early user base.

  1. Continuous iteration and ecological growth

After the token launch, MOMO 2.0 will serve as a landing product for MomoAI to embed token economics, demonstrating continuous enhancements in its gaming system and social gameplay. As the user base expands and social interactions increase, MOMO will gradually become an important ecological portal entrance for subsequent MomoAI products.

  1. The significance of MOMO for MomoAI’ strategy

The launch of MOMO represents a major milestone in MomoAI’ developmental roadmap. It not only reflects MomoAI’ ongoing commitment to innovation and user experience, but also signifies a tangible step towards practicality and real-world implementation. Powered by MOMO, MomoAI has strengthened engagement with existing users while also attracting new user demographics, making remarkable headway in the web3 gaming arena.MOMO has enabled MomoAI to further solidify its leadership status in the industry, demonstrating its proficiency in crafting immersive web3 experiences. The launch of MOMO addressed a market need while strategically showcasing MomoAI’ innovation potential and business capabilities to users and the wider ecosystem.

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