Change requests

Welcome to branched content…

Change requests let you create branched content – allowing you to make edits away from your main content branch. The idea is: you create a branch of your main content, make changes to that branch, submit it when you're ready, then you or someone else merges those changes into the main content.

If you've ever used a Git-based workflow, this should feel pretty natural. If not, no worries! You can try creating a change request now. First, if you haven't already, lock this space for live edits.

You'll see an Edit button up top, give it a tap, and you'll be in change request mode! From here, you can make changes without worrying about messing up the main content branch.

When you're ready, Submit the edits, then Merge them using the buttons on the bottom bar, and you'll see your changes reflected in the content!

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