• An AI-agents driven Web3 social entertainment product platform, building a digital native world on SOL and TON

  • Crowned champion of two global hackathons, spearheading innovation

  • Flagship NFT collection 1P ranked 4th on OpenSea’s trending chart

  • Secured funding from over 30 prestigious institutions like Magnus, SL2, MH, Yusaku Maezawa, Japan’s biggest crypto KOL community Kudasai, LD Capital, Web3.com, COBO(Fishpool), FBG, Huobi

  • MOMO: A lightweight, mobile-friendly social game featuring pinduoduo-style gameplay mechanics and Albot technology, optimized for effortless social interaction

  • Revolutionary airdrop model rewards players for participation

momoAI AI technology

  • Empowers digital personas with intelligence for immersive interactions

  • Drives dynamic social gaming experiences through AI

  • Ensures secure digital asset ownership via blockchain integration

Vision Forward

  • Building a thriving diverse Web3 social gaming ecosystem

  • Empowering developers to contribute to a creative digital world

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