Embracing AI, A Strategic Choice for MomoAI

Amidst revolutionary AI changes occurring industry-wide, MomoAI is also actively seeking breakthroughs and transformation. After extensive contemplation, we have established a new mission and vision: to enable intelligent upgrades to our products and services through AI empowerment. To realize this vision, MomoAI is shifting business focus to fully develop AI applications in content creation and other areas. With years of experience in AI agent algorithm R&D and data accumulation for application scenarios, we have a solid foundation to rapidly achieve productization and commercialization. Specifically, MomoAI is prioritizing development of AI agent technologies. These digital AI systems can realize intelligent dialogue, behavioral decision-making, personality expression, and craft immersive digital characters and worlds. Our first product COOOIN is a prime example, functioning as a cryptocurrency investment community powered by AI agents to provide users with personalized investment advice and social experiences. COOOIN demonstrates how AI agent technology can breathe lifelike vitality and interactivity into digital content. In fact, AI agents provide a glimpse into the transformation of digital content. The digital world will become increasingly massive and rich, with users demanding higher quality immersive experiences. Static digital objects cannot satisfy this need - only intelligent digital entities can construct humanized spaces. In the metaverse era, the digital world will become an important spiritual home for humanity. By then, digital "atoms" must possess rich inner substance and autonomy to enable interactions and emotions akin to the real world. This requires instilling intelligence through technologies like AI agents. We can envision the future digital world containing countless personalized AI entities with their own personalities, memories and emotions, able to act independently, generate content, and communicate. This enormously expands the possibilities within digital space. Empowered by the rapid iteration of AI, these digital beings may far surpass human intelligence, emerging as new silicon-based lifeforms that coexist with humanity. Blockchain technology can also grant them capabilities for social organization and governance. This digital civilization may become a new phase of human civilization. MomoAI envisions that core technologies like AI agents can unlock life-like depth and potential within every digital atom. This will tremendously accelerate the transformation and growth of digital entertainment, ultimately breathing vibrant vitality into the digital world.

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