Nodes Q&A

Q1: Are there limits on purchasing Nodes?

A: Yes. There are three types of Nodes with respective purchase limits: Base Nodes (max 3), Ecosystem Nodes (max 3), and AI-Agents ROOT Nodes (max 10). Q2: Can Nodes be traded?

A: Yes. Before $MTOS token TGE, Nodes cannot be traded. Base and Ecosystem Nodes will enable free trading 72 hours after TGE. To ensure stability, AI-Agents ROOT Nodes will enable trading 6 months post-TGE. Q3: Are Nodes NFTs?

A: Nodes operate as cloud services hosted by top global cloud providers and MomoAI's own data centers. Post-deployment, users will receive NFT ownership proof. Q4: Do Nodes require specific devices or networks?

A: No, Nodes are fully managed by MomoAI. Holders only need periodic activation to maintain normal status. Q5: What are the purchase methods for Nodes?

A: Currently, two methods are supported: In-game users can purchase directly via the game's SOL wallet. Non-game users can purchase via web wallets like OKX, Phantom, etc. Q6: Can only MOMO game users purchase Nodes?

A: In the first round, all whitelisted users can participate, regardless of being a MOMO game user or not. The second round will be open to all users. Q7: Will the Nodes' Kiwis rewards airdrop share the same pool as the existing game Kiwis airdrop?

A: No, the Nodes' Kiwis rewards airdrop will be allocated from the Nodes Hashrate Rewards & Buyback portion, separate from the game airdrop pool. Q8: How do Node holders claim in-game privileges?

A: In-game purchasers automatically receive corresponding benefits. Non-game users can log into the web MOMO game with their Node-holding wallet to claim privileges. Q9: What is the 100% principal-protected buyback mechanism for Nodes?

A: Within 72 hours post-TGE, a $MTOS burning portal will open, allowing free conversion of Base and Ecosystem Nodes into $MTOS at the public sale price equivalent of paid SOL. Q10: How to recover Nodes if my Telegram account is compromised?

A: An appeals process will be opened. Users must provide wallet signatures, game passwords, transaction records, etc. for manual verification to assist with asset migration. Q11: Are there referral incentives for assisting Nodes sales?

A: Yes, there is a 10% SOL reward for directly referring users who purchase Nodes. Rewards are automatically sent to the referrer's game wallet address. Q12: What are the supply, pricing, and sale rounds for Nodes?

  • Base Nodes: 15,000, priced at 1.5 SOL each, sold over two rounds.

  • Ecosystem Nodes: 10,000, priced at 3 SOL each, sold over two rounds.

  • AI-Agents ROOT Nodes: 5,500, priced at 10 SOL each, sold over two rounds.

Q13: Are there discounts for the Nodes whitelist?

A: Yes, whitelisted users can enjoy a 15% discount during the whitelist round. Q14: How to get whitelisted for Nodes?

A: In-game users can get whitelisted by being TOP 200 ranked, or by having Tree Level >1 with over 100 referrals. B) Users can also get whitelisted via MomoAI's official task events. C) By participating in joint campaigns with KOLs and communities. D) Loyal MOMO players can apply for the whitelist.

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