Chapter 1: The Power Struggle Between AI and Web3 in the Digital New Era

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, especially Web3, have become the most eye-catching focuses in the tech field. The rapid advancement of AI is changing every aspect of our life and work, while the concept of Web3 and its emphasis on decentralization and data sovereignty are sparking enthusiastic discussions about the digital future globally. However, in this seemingly unstoppable trend, the combination of AI and Web3 has shown a strikingly contradictory state. On one hand, the integration of AI and Web3 is expected to usher in a new era of the digital economy and is seen as the key to unlocking unprecedented application scenarios and business models. Numerous innovative projects claiming to combine these two technologies have emerged in the market, promising revolutionary capabilities. On the other hand, the industry has questioned the actual value and feasibility of these projects. Many voices point out that the so-called AI plus Web3 projects today are mostly superficial, and some even contain hype and falsehoods.

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