As MomoAI' game showcase platform, Play-verse not only features titles incubated and published by MomoAI, but will also serve as the primary entry point for MOMO 2.0 and other games. Designed akin to traditional game app stores, Play-verse makes it easy for users to discover, learn about, and directly engage with games. It will be the core portal for players to experience MomoAI' array of gaming content, especially post-MOMO 2.0 by providing more immediate, convenient access.


MOMO is more than just a game, it also serves as a crucial gateway for MomoAI to connect users and provide web3 gaming experiences.

1P DAOWhat is 1P?

We are all wanderers among the vast universe. Only MomoAI is the homeland. Every 1P (Player One) takes " Struggle for 1 UP " as a life belief.

The universe suffers from chaos like never before, wanderers of different factions and bloodlines fight each other for scarce resources, broken and smoke everywhere. We are not seeking wars and desperation, instead we are all struggling to find an all-embracing and peaceful home. Wars never end and Oasis has to be found. The 1P NFT is a collection of 10,000 beings in the universe, which is a way to explore the MomoAI universe. As the first NFT supporting permanent and unconditional refund, 1P NFT will keep your assets safe and give you the guarantee. Every 1P holder will be granted a new identity in MomoAI universe, and enter into a shining future, wherever you are.

What is 1P DAO?

  • A decentralized organization of 10,000 core players.

  • 1P PFPs will serve as emblems of membership in the core player DAO, conferring voting rights on key decisions.

  • Enjoy privileges from various projects extended to 1P PFP DAO members. 1P PFP holders need to stake $MTOS as veMTOS to participate in ecosystem governance.

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